Into the Fold: Meet Baskervill’s New Associates

There’s no checklist for what it takes to be an associate at Baskervill—no required number of hours logged, no set number completed projects worked. Instead, we look for those taking the lead without being asked, acting as a backbone for the firm every day. That get-it-done mentality, along with superb design ideas, is exactly what impressed us about the seven teammates joining our associate ranks. What makes them especially remarkable, however, is how they do what’s right for clients time and time again.

So let’s give two thumbs up and a big congratulations to our latest associates! Below, we hear from our honorees and their peers about what makes this group so outstanding.

ERIC HALEY, Director of Mechanical Engineering

Rachel Bukoski, a mechanical designer at Baskervill, says Eric has an uncanny ability to be upbeat, intense, and entertaining—all at the same time. “And, he’s taught me how professional adults can still play video games,” chuckles Rachel. He’s a rare gem, casually chatting about complex MEP systems as if they were an upcoming sporting event or raucous tale, all to help coworkers and clients alike really understand and appreciate the nuts and bolts of what makes buildings function. His core design belief? There’s more than one way to solve a problem. “Mountains have switchbacks for a reason—that’s why the quickest, most efficient path on any given design journey isn’t always a straight line,” explains Eric. “Getting to the end successfully with clients takes an integrated, measured approach that values how each little design detail must work together to support the big picture.” Eric’s particularly passionate about sustainability. Did you know the U.S.’s biggest energy users are buildings? We could tell you all about how increasing a building’s energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact goes hand-in-hand with improving comfort and well-being while reducing existing maintenance headaches—but you’ll have more fun hearing it straight from Eric.

CINDY LOINETTE, Senior Interior Designer

Prototype development for hotels is its own animal; the strategy must be on-point, and there are more considerations and complexities to account for. No one knows this better than Cindy, who’s been behind the scenes managing and elevating the brands of numerous leading hoteliers for nearly a decade. “She’s such a versatile designer—strong in design, strong in management, and strong in leadership,” says Principal Brad Richards. In this pinball world of design with rapid-fire requests and adjustments, Cindy remains methodical and composed (never letting a single detail go out of focus or action item slip). She garners respect with our clients and brings out the very best in our designers, all while staying true to her top three design beliefs: 1) Collaborate, and then collaborate some more; 2) There’s beauty in thoughtful, simple design; and 3) Embrace the ever-changing nature of design, because that’s where all the opportunities are.


You might know David as a master of client relations and creativity—with 11 years of experience dreaming up and delivering on the most fantastical designs at the Rockwell Group (F.A.O Schwarz, Mohegan Casino, and Crayola Works). But most of us around the office know him as our annual Baskervill Pinewood Derby M.C. and the most competitive Deck The Gingerbread artist (see his interpretation of the Schroder House above). The lucky bunch working closely with David are quick to point out how uplifting his magnetic personality and design wit can be. “I learned to love good design from David,” says Senior Interior Designer Patricia Lopez. “He taught me to take the time to design and truly enjoy every step in the process.”

From project to project, David proves great design and limited budgets are not mutually exclusive. “Some of the most captivating solutions come bursting out of the most restrained boxes,” says David. “Every design problem has multiple facets to it, but they all have that one thing that resonates with you—so we must find that one thing every time.”

MATTHEW MARSILI, Senior Interior Designer

When we’re all collectively working our way through the occasional lull of an afternoon slump, you’ll hear Matthew’s voice ring throughout the office—sometimes singing, sometimes laughing, and always getting others to join in. “He makes work fun,” says Gillian Bowman, interior designer. It’s what makes him the perfect person to guide and mentor the junior design team of our workspace, banking + retail studio. That, and his years spent designing lively yet uber-functional and collaborative spaces, from hotels and restaurants to workspaces and museums. “Great design is all about curating experiences,” says Matthew. “Design should be immersive, and yes—fun.” Because for Matthew, that’s when you discover the most creative solutions to the toughest challenges. “He thinks outside of the box,” says Gillian, “and he’s always pushing the designs of our team further.”


With a generalist’s mentality and an artist’s eye, there’s not much Justin can’t tackle—but don’t take our word for it: “He designs. He collaborates. He’s technically proficient. And he knows how to communicate,” says Principal Alan Davis. Spend enough time with Justin, and you’ll see it too. His design credo reflects a quick wit and thoughtful nature: Design for people, not designers. It’s from that philosophy that Justin creates, artfully composing individual patterns and elements to orchestrate inventive, experiential spaces for our workspace, banking + retail clients. His aesthetic evokes his years spent playing guitar, leaning toward rhythmic, detailed forms with a contemporary edge. And like any true artist, Justin knows when to keep a design simple and restrained—and when to push it to its limits. “Trusting my first instinct is the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far,” says Justin. “The more experience I rack up, the more tricks I can add to my bag, which means I can help guide our clients to solutions they might never have expected.”


Show up, work hard, and get it done—with a mantra like that, it’s no wonder Ashley is the team player everyone wants—and needs. “Ashley isn’t just another addition to our team,” says Architect Catherine Hamner, “she’s the foundation.” Indeed, most of her colleagues will agree: Ashley’s enthusiasm is infectious, her dedication is unparalleled, and her ability to champion a client’s needs is exceptional. As a project manager in our workspace, banking + retail studio, Ashley makes it her mission to deliver an amazing experience to every client’s projects, from cutting-edge research buildings and NCAA softball stadiums to the redesign of an office entryway. “Every moment, even the small, simple ones, are pivotal,” says Ashley. “You never know what will turn into the next great opportunity.”


It’s a rare moment when you find Angelo sitting at his desk; he’s too busy flitting between job sites, making sure the clients of our community studio projects have exactly what they need. “Angelo has a line of sight to the client that most don’t,” says Principal Burt Pinnock. “He knows what makes a project successful to them, what their idea of design excellence is—from the placement of hardware to the urban scale that makes a building fit.” Even when he is back at the office, he’s buzzing between designers’ desks, sharing lessons picked up in the field with his team or telling stories and asking about their weekends. A quick thinker with a knack for reading between the lines, seeing the big picture, and making others feel at ease (his infectious laugh helps) — “he’s the ultimate renaissance man,” says Burt.


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