Our Approach

At our core, we believe design is about function, value, beauty, and meaning. It’s a craft honed by time and experience, an art form we’ve been perfecting for more than 120 years. Before diving into a project, we want to understand where our clients have been and where they want to go. So we begin with the baseline of right here and right now, what’s working and what needs to change, and move from the details to the bigger picture. We’re not defined by a particular aesthetic; instead, we create innovative solutions for each client to make their space a reflection of who they are. 


Our methodology—ask + listen + create—guides every project from beginning to end. We start by concentrating on the client and asking about their staff, customers and clients, visitors, services, mission, and space. We listen with an open mind. And then we work together to create a solution that fits their needs.

For us, the key to any successful project is collaboration. As a full-service design firm, we work across disciplines to pool our expertise in architecture, engineering, interiors, and building forensics. The collective talents and experience of our nationally-ranked, award-winning design studios allow us to put together the right team for each unique project and deliver creative spaces grounded in solid research and innovative solutions.

But we don’t just collaborate within the walls of our office. We take our relationships with our clients seriously—so seriously that we believe in designing with our clients rather than for them. Our goal is to be a design partner who develops, analyzes, and recommends design concepts to address our clients’ concerns and with solutions tailored to their budgets. We’re passionate about fueling their future success by creating spaces that spark bright ideas and illuminate new directions.