About Us

Our Approach

Our methodology —Ask. Listen. Create.— guides every project from beginning to end. We start by concentrating on our clients, asking about their goals, operations, objectives, clients, services and more. We listen with an open mind. And then we work together to create a solution that fits their needs.

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We Ask the right questions: not just of clients, but of each other, and of ourselves. To be the best designers we can be, we must constantly be reassessing our processes and seeking out resources and guides to help us grow.

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Our relationships with our clients and partners has always been what sets Baskervill apart. Sometimes listening means reevaluating what you thought you knew. Sometimes listening means reading between the lines. Sometimes listening means dropping what you’re doing to address a client need. Listening always means being present.

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We wouldn’t be designers if we weren’t creators. Creating beautiful, functional spaces is the pinnacle of what we do, and is the natural response to asking and listening.