About Us

Our Services

As a multi-disciplinary design firm we offer a mix of services tailored to the needs of our clients and their individual projects. While we often perform multiple disciplines on a single project, we also work collaboratively with design partners to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by our clients. From large new builds, to smaller tenant improvement projects, historic renovations, and everything in between, our goal is to provide our clients an excellent experience no matter our role.


Be it new build, renovation, or tenant improvements, we provide architectural services for diverse projects large and small. With an architectural legacy dating back to our founding in 1897, we believe in balancing form and function and the power of space to empower ideas and connect people.

Interior Design

Meaningful experiences happen in thoughtfully crafted environments. Our interior design teams balance the operational needs of our clients with impactful design choices that are not only beautiful and memorable, but support clients’ business objectives, programming needs, and bottom line.

MEP Engineering

Technical skill and wide-ranging knowledge of today’s various system options are a hallmark of our MEP team. With diverse building type expertise, our team aims to provide energy-efficient options that promote better indoor air, provide thermal comfort, and offer automation options that support client goals.



We work with developers and land owners to explore the highest and best use of their parcels for the long term, identifying opportunities for zoning changes, conducting site evaluations and feasibility studies, and developing layout options to help support decision making.

Architectural Graphics

Walls are a blank canvas, ripe with possibilities for expanding the design story into vibrant, branded additions to the space. In our work with clients we explore ways to incorporate graphics that reinforce the essence of the design while providing wayfinding, education, information, and more.

Sustainable Design

Resilient, sustainable strategies are woven into the fabric of our work with forward-thinking clients across various markets. We believe in systems, products, and practices that offer long-lasting benefits to owners, occupants, and the planet.

Building Envelopes + Forensics

A building‘s envelope is the first line of defense against the elements and our expertise in the complex relationships between a building’s roof, walls, and foundation helps to keep our clients’ spaces waterproof and secure from Mother Nature’s fiercest forces.

Historic + Adaptive Reuse

We breathe new life into historic and underused buildings, working with owners to transform existing structures into valuable community assets. Incorporating creative solutions to challenges, we work with clients to incorporate Historic Tax Credits and navigate approvals from the Department of Historic Resources and National Parks Service and other regulating entities.

Accessibility Evaluations

A deep knowledge of accessibility requirements and years of experience working with owners and tenants means we are a go-to resource for assessments and surveys of existing buildings. We conduct field verification, assess conditions, and provide reporting and documentation to help owners achieve necessary compliance on these important issues.

Code Analysis

Analyzing and applying the nuances of various jurisdictional, state, and federal codes required on new buildings is one of our specialities. We examine which codes are applicable, where aspects of each may be in conflict with one another, and how the specific requirements may impact the overall project outcome.