Strategic Solutions for Corporate Inclusivity at PlanRVA

PlanRVA | Baskervill Design

Before starting the design process for their new headquarters in Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood, PlanRVA worked directly with members of Baskervill’s Workplace team to determine their goals for the space. The company sought to embody their motto, ‘where the region comes together to look ahead,’ prioritizing collaboration and inclusivity above all else.

“Involving everyone on the team from the beginning helped streamline the process, and PlanRVA’s staff felt they were part of every decision and had a stake in the game. These initial conversations are so important and provide a foundation for planning.”

— Susan Orange, Principal and Director of Workplace Strategies
PlanRVA | Baskervill Design

To achieve a highly inclusive environment, the team worked alongside Matthew Shapiro of 6 Wheels Consulting. Accessibility was realized through design details such as visible carpet and wall differentiators at major points of transition, a highly considered layout with zero thresholds or obstacles, low-top table attachments to accommodate wheelchair access, and a transition-less entrance.

“Carpet changes can often help with identification of space transitions and is a helpful way-finding cue,” said Orange. “We use changes in flooring, or walls for that matter, to change the perception of corridors making them appear wider and/or shorter.”

PlanRVA Headquarters | Baskervill

In the collaboration space, a unique, buildable sticker mural represents the spirit of the region and PlanRVA’s goal of a sustainable future. Similar in style to paint-by-numbers art, the mural encourages guests and staff to place small stickers on corresponding numbered areas, bringing the art to life.

Learn more about PlanRVA’s new inclusive and accessible office space on the company’s blog.


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