A part of an ongoing decade-long relationship with Markel, our team recently refreshed the holding company’s Richmond offices into a polished, sophisticated space perfect for the corporation’s plan to create work environments that reflect the brand on all levels. Spanning multiple floors of the campus, this workspace refresh ditches old , sterile interiors for a clean, light, and bright space that encourages interaction, growth, and flexibility while optimizing the Markel experience. Distinctive pops of color serve as a wayfinding tool, guiding guests and employees throughout the halls of each floor. Find yourself roaming through HR? A once pesty column stands tall to create a cozy nook for the team and employees stopping by. Look up and you’ll spot a captivating, neon green ceiling panel that brings energy to the room. In the C-suite, home to Markel’s executive offices, cool blue tones and long lines translate from the company’s logo into the space–a subtle nod to the company’s brand story.

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