As a third-generation family-owned company, Lansing Building Products, a wholesale distributor of home exterior products, is deeply proud of its family-like culture. Eager to create a workplace reflective of those close-knit connections with all the perks and charm of home, Lansing reached out to Baskervill’s workspace interiors team to make it happen. The final result is a pragmatic and inviting 22,000-SF office that layers in residential construction products sold by Lansing to evoke a truly homey atmosphere. A welcoming entryway acts as the company’s front porch, inviting people to enter the space and gather. A richly-toned wood-slat ceiling defines the space and is complemented by pops of sunshine yellow and sky blue. Exterior siding and rustic light fixtures—used strategically throughout the office—add texture and depth, while large window frames are repurposed and used as photo frames to highlight historic company images. Interspersed throughout the space, a series of large-scale graphics (developed by circle S studio) showcase Lansing’s rich heritage and how the company has grown and evolved since its founding. A mix of open workstations and glass-enclosed private offices provide space for solo work; a dedicated training area, spacious conference rooms, and informal touchdown spots offer a range of choices for collaborative meetings and conversations; and a light-filled communal area nicknamed “The Family Room” features booth seating and a bar-top table—the perfect zone for lunch or casual meetings.

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