Tasked with converting a cavernous 75,000-SF data center into functional—and creative—workspace for a Fortune 500 client, our design strategists turned to an even bigger idea for inspiration: driving through one of our national parks. A highly technical space outfitted with nearly 100 individual workstations and a 120-foot wall of LED monitors, the operations center is home to a team of analysts responsible for 24/7 real-time data tracking and monitoring. Due to security concerns, windows are few and far between, which means sparse natural lighting and limited access to green space. To offer employees respite and relaxation from the high-tech environment, the workspace features low-tech design touches brimming with the kind of character unearthed on an outdoor adventure. Long, wide corridors—featuring custom wall coverings designed to look like layered stone—evoke a meandering drive, complete with “overlook” stops along the way: a collection of communal break zones, touchdown huddles, and glass-enclosed conference rooms act as dedicated space for team collaboration and solo recharge time. Charred wood walls (a nod to cabins and campfires) punctuate the space, which is full of casual, flexible furnishings like picnic tables and booth seating. Overhead, deep green soffits recall the look and feel of a tree canopy. In addition to the design details unique to this satellite office location, our team worked to incorporate the company’s overarching brand standards throughout. The end result brings a large space down to human scale while simultaneously responding to the growing need modern workers have to offset intense digital demands with the calming effects of nature.

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