On the Rise: Meet Baskervill’s Latest Associates

Neither of our new associates enjoys the spotlight. And yet, people can’t help but gravitate toward them. It’s not uncommon to see lines form around their desks, teammates wanting to gut-check an idea or get some advice. These are the people we turn to when we’re stuck or in a bind, and they never disappoint. Their roles in the firm couldn’t be more different. One thing they have in common? They’re busy! So, let’s get to properly introducing two extraordinary females joining our associate ranks.

Creatively curious

Allison Lynch, director of marketing, joined Baskervill five years ago. “Working with hugely creative and talented people every day is as much an inspiration as a motivator, “says Allison, who plays a key role in how we pursue, propose and approach work. Those who work with Allison often hear her say: “Think like a client.” It’s a critical mindset that guides how we talk about the work we do and share our client’s stories. “At its core, this business is about people and the relationships that we build along the way.”

With a background in construction, Allison’s deep understanding of how buildings are put together and what that process means for clients is powerful. But, it’s her deeply rooted love for buildings and design itself that make her a real pleasure to work with—and she’s constantly challenging us to rethink what’s possible. “Old, new, modern, historic, commercial, residential. I just love spaces and their stories; I’m forever interested in the process, wanting to know more,” muses Allison. All work within Allison’s domain is never complete unless it’s a genuine reflection of all that our design teams are capable of, conveyed and executed in a way that speaks directly to our clients’ needs and wants.

With this promotion, Allison’s excited to take on a larger role in facilitating conversations about leading the firm forward. “The industry is evolving and changing so fast,” recognizes Allison. “I want to help navigate how we continue to grow without losing our essence and our heart—the things that have contributed to making the firm so successful over the last 120 years. It’s a big responsibility, but a really wonderful one.”

Design meets details

Sandra Pantelic, AIA, details her architectural journey as a constant pursuit of learning secrets that started in Belgrade, Serbia. “In high school, I was introduced to ancient architecture,” explains Sandra. “You see, each ancient civilization had its secret or special formula for designing buildings.” Masterful attention to detail and a balanced awareness of aesthetic beauty and practicality lends itself to classic structures with timeless relevance—a la the pyramids at Giza and the Parthenon; and in more modern times, the works of Peter Eisenman, Zaha Hadid and Frank Lloyd Wright. “I wanted to discover those secrets, and after many years working on government and public industry projects, I was looking to try something different and dynamic,” says Sandra about making the leap into hospitality design at Baskervill four short years ago.

To Sandra, there’s nothing more pleasing than admiring an elegantly composed and executed detail. Getting those details right demands a comprehensive approach where client relationships, codes, technical requirements, and mastery of form are equally valued. Sandra’s found her niche by amping up her commanding knowledge of codes and her confidence to make complex decisions to keep projects humming while identifying opportunities for growth in the studio’s fast-paced team environment.

“We’re intensely collaborative in the Hospitality studio,” says Sandra. “We talk openly about challenges and constantly digest and re-asses how we’re approaching projects based on what we’re learning together as a team. And when you see that a whole team is with you, helping you and cheering for you, it’s an invaluable feeling.” This promotion tells Sandra she’s on the right track. “My goal is to become a well-rounded architect with nuanced technical skills and the ability to provide thoughtful solutions while working well with teams and clients—and then to pass on everything I’ve picked up to those around me,” adds Sandra.

High sign
With ambitious goals and no limits to their enthusiasm, we can’t wait to see how Allison and Sandra continue to lead and grow our firm. Join us in congratulating them both!


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