Meet Fred Hopkins

Is architecture the art of building? Or the building of art? This question has intrigued architects for centuries. A constant dance between inventive and inspired, designing our physical world means designing our human experience. It’s true that impactful projects stem from meaningful ideas but translating ideas to actuality also requires a skillful hand. While the answer to the age-old question may contain validity on both ends of the spectrum, for Baskervill’s newest Technical Director, Fred Hopkins, the answer is simple: true art can be found in the act of building itself. 

From a young age, Fred loved to make things. A combination of strengths and passions eventually led him to pursue architecture and after more than 25 years in the industry, that innate thrill he finds in creation still stands. 

Having contributed to major community projects such as The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Expansion, the Main Street Station Train Shed, and the Virginia War Memorial Expansion during his time as a Principal at Richmond-based SMBW, Fred has indelibly left his mark on the community. And while he’s been involved in many impressive projects to date, he feels as though his job is just beginning. 

“My passion is for the technical aspects of our practice, and I’m excited to be focused on bridging the gap between design intent and construction,” Fred explains. “For me, the journey is as fulfilling as the destination.”

Fred Hopkins | Baskervill

Now as he moves into a new chapter as Technical Director of Baskervill’s Civic & Cultural studio, he hopes to go back to his roots – crafting projects from the ground up, imparting his technical wisdom onto the minds of younger designers along the way. 

“I’ve been following the inspiring work Baskervill’s Civic & Cultural studio has been doing for many years and, as I settled into the latter half of my career, I realized that this is where I want to lend my hand.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Fred Hopkins to our team,” says Baskervill President Bob Clark, PE. “His exceptional design expertise, partnered with his warm and approachable demeanor, are invaluable assets as we continue to expand our reach, grow our business, and guide the next generation of talent.”

When Fred isn’t meticulously combing through floorplans, his creative mechanics come in handy while exploring the outdoors with friends and family and brewing his own craft beer. 


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