September 26, 2017

Mapping A Legacy: 120 Years, 120 Projects

When we reflect on our firm’s 120-year history, it’s not the singular projects that immediately come to mind. We know there isn’t just one project that has elevated our firm to what it is today – though iconic ones like the Virginia Capitol expansion or the Caribbean’s first-ever AC Hotel certainly don’t hurt. Our legacy is one of continuous evolution. The times have changed but the ethos has not: Do great design, and build great relationships. It’s those longstanding relationships that have allowed us to continue to grow, change, and expand across the country and beyond.

And so we created a map, a visual depiction of the journey from 1897 to today. A visit to a sampling of our projects large and small. Within, you’ll find stories: the covert plane mission used to master plan an entire corporate park; the quest to preserve and protect a 100-year-old architectural gem from demolition; the rush that comes from tackling international work.

While curating this collection, we were reminded over and over again of one simple fact: Design is a collaborative art, a process perfected when we listen to our clients’ needs and create spaces that reflect them. In short, our legacy has very little to do with us—it has everything to do with you.


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