Zoom in: Designing the Details

Have you ever been in a space and found yourself focused on the finer points–a lighting fixture, a piece of art or a well-placed view to the outdoors? They’re all thoughtfully articulated aspects of the many moving parts that must all come together to create a cohesive design. Within those details you’ll find unexpected tidbits that draw people back in time and time again. Let’s go beyond the big picture.

A dash of texture

Texture is not limited to fabric or furniture. Using materials to sharply contrast an environment’s surroundings can add warmth and depth into an otherwise potentially one-dimensional space. The custom art piece below, chosen for Hirschler Fleischer’s law library, not only fulfills the library’s yearning for a focal point worthy of the surrounding book collection. It also provides a sense of structure, balance and character.


A slice of symmetry

Symmetry conveys uniformity and discipline—adjectives synonymous with Virginia Military Institute’s deeply rooted culture, where consistency is key. The deliberate use of symmetry in the placement of the new Memorial Gardens Arch and its relationship to surrounding buildings on Post creates a pleasing balance of proportion and unity, allowing the varying elements to relate to one another.



Calculated colors

Hidden in plain sight around AvePoint’s office are calculated pops of color in just the right places. The deliberate use of certain colors contributes to productivity and the way people feel when interacting with the space. The overall “work-hard, play-hard” vibe of the energetic software company’s space proves that dynamic design can thrive even in corporate office towers.


When you’re 16 floors above the city, the outdoors can seem a world away. The implementation of a live moss wall adds a touch of organic texture and living color at the same time. In collaborative areas, the use of customizable lighting creates a freedom to set the tone of the meeting.




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