September 18, 2014

Desk Envy: Baskervill’s Coolest Workspaces

In this industry, design is a way of life. It’s an infiltrating passion, one that connects home and work, flows from weekdays into weekends, and mixes personal interests and professional pursuits. It’s a unique outlet for creative expression, and that’s why there’s something to be said for all the engaging, colorful workspaces around our office.

We snapped a few shots of desks worth drooling over to give you a sense of the environments that inspire us — and the sparkling personalities behind our designs!

We love the organized chaos around Burt’s drafting desk: stacks of files, printed renderings, rolled-up plans, shelves packed with titles like American City, Hip Hotels, and The Essential Home Book, and a color spectrum of Sharpies ready for the moment inspiration strikes.

DeskEnvy_Burt-drawingtable DeskEnvy_Burt-moremarkers DeskEnvy_Burt-papers

The sign on Carole’s door reads, “Hospitality: Always know you’re welcome.” You probably won’t notice it, though, because her door is always open and the bowl of chocolate on her desk is always full. Her office is an example of timeless style and elegance — both classic and sophisticated with a touch of flair, just like the woman behind the desk.

DeskEnvy_Carole DeskEnvy_Carole-chairs

We’re charmed by the personal touches and pops of color around Jenny’s desk, especially the striped lamp and the glass full of paper straws.

DeskEnvy_Jenny DeskEnvy_Jenny-knickknacks

As administrative assistant for corporate, financial, and advanced technologies, Lacy juggles a whirlwind of details on a daily basis with a graceful smile (and without breaking a sweat!) It’s no wonder that her desk is surrounded by cheerful thank you cards from co-workers and happy clients.

DeskEnvy_Lacey DeskEnvy_Lacey-desk

Lauren’s desk is something like a window display: a collage of words, patterns, and pictures that effortlessly complement each other and draw people in for a closer look.

DeskEnvy_Lauren DeskEnvy_Lauren-photos

Everything in Brent’s office has a story. See the white canvas on the wall? That’s his first painting. And the single-engine yellow plane hanging overhead? It’s a 1/3-scale model of one he used to fly. When it comes to decor, he prefers toys to diplomas and calls the room a “refuge.” We couldn’t agree more.

DeskEnvy_Brent DeskEnvy_Brent-plane


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