Design Debrief: Beaches Negril

Beaches Resort Negril | Baskervill

The Ask

Known for their family-focused, all-inclusive escapes, Beaches has long celebrated the unique locales of their resorts. So, when they made the decision to expand to another idyllic destination, Negril, Jamaica was an obvious choice. To aid in positioning Beaches’ newest acquisition as the next chapter in the brand’s evolution, Baskervill was charged with redefining the guest experience to reflect the varied needs of today’s modern family, all while honoring its legacy as a Caribbean tradition for kids and grownups alike. 

The Answer

Paying homage to Negril’s legendary white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, the resort’s new accommodations balance the brand’s signature, fun-loving personality with an elevated design that responds to an evolving traveler profile. Acknowledging the travel trends of today’s modern family, Beaches Negril hones the company’s offering to accommodate a multi-generational guest experience by providing an intimate selection of villas specifically intended for larger groups. Inspired by the famous Seven Mile Beach, the design and identity of the resort embodies the natural wonders of the island, from surf to sand. Indigenous materials, organic shapes, imperfect wood, and the fluid forms of water combine, creating a layered, tactile experience that allows guests to connect deeply to the rooted history of Negril as they make memories of their own.

The Attributes

The design celebrates the island’s scenic vistas, intentionally blurring the lines of interior and exterior environments to evoke a holistic experience of discovery and surprise.

Beaches Resort Negril | Baskervill

The exterior vernacular makes clear references to traditional Caribbean architecture through wood shutters and open-air verandas, inviting guests to relax, and soak in their surroundings. Wood and stucco cladding set a simple, yet elegant, tone that echoes its surroundings. Firesky Villas’ oceanfront courtyards and plunge pools offer families a unique, private oasis that’s all theirs.

Beaches Resort Negril | Baskervill

Inside, the goal was a cozy yet upscale embrace of humanity and nature. Embodying the Jamaican design philosophy of buildings as celebrations of openness and community, both the Firefly Reserve and Eventide villas capture the spirit of the locale through intricate wooden details and sea-inspired color palettes. Space and structure are highlighted with bold and bright statements in tones of grass green, sea blue, and a punchy red taken from the ackee – the country’s national fruit. This is where ‘laid-back paradise meets modern-day luxury’.

Beaches Resort Negril | Baskervill


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