June 9, 2020

Brand: New

If you’ve been working with us for a while, you may have noticed a new look and feel to Baskervill’s communications – the result of a brand refresh a year in the making. The changes are subtle, a purposeful evolution of our 123-year-old brand story, rather than a reinvention. Our logo? Now quite literally outside the box. And you’ll see that we’re focusing specifically on the “ask” in Baskervill.

Why the ask? Because we have long believed that asking, listening, and creating are critical to not only our process but our engagement with clients. That hasn’t changed. In fact, we’re putting more emphasis on the ask than ever before. Not only in how we work with our clients and our communities – digging deeper on the nuances of their needs, their goals, and their culture – but in how we work internally as well. Asking whether we’ve explored the tough questions, pushed the design boundaries, and lived out our values at every opportunity. The new logo is accompanied by updated fonts and an enhanced color palette all aimed at a more contemporary, streamlined aesthetic for the future.

This is all part of growing and evolving our practice, as we’ve done for over a century. Have questions? Just ask.


Ideas, happenings, press, and perspectives