Baskervill Celebrates New Leaders

“The road to success is paved with…” For decades, this timeless idiom framework has been used to encapsulate the journey to achievement – one filled with milestones, missteps, and many moments in between. But the path is decidedly not one-size-fits-all. So, here’s the question: what is the road to success really paved with? For ten visionary individuals in our firm, it’s easy to fill in the blanks. The road to success is paved with fierce dedication, continuous collaboration, and unwavering passion.

We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Ashley Jones to Principal and Larry Cotner, Yvonne Cox, Marcin Garbacz, Scott Lebow, Thomas Mazich, Michael McGowan, Rebecca Roberts, Ashley Seay, and Robbie Shearon to Associate. Today, we celebrate their many accomplishments, their well-earned new titles, and the unique expertise and experiences they bring to our leadership.

Most people describe natural leaders with words like ‘dedication’, ‘stability’, and ‘graceful under pressure’. But for those who know and work with her, Ashley Jones is the definition. Hardworking to a fault and consistently and unabashedly optimistic, Ashley leads from a place of strength. Beginning her career with Baskervill as an intern during her time at Virginia Tech, and officially joining the firm following graduation in 2005, this promotion is the culmination of her impressive 18-year tenure with the firm.

Today, Ashley is a leader in Baskervill’s Education studio, overseeing client development and project direction for colleges and universities from her Richmond office home base. Never one to shy away from challenges, she’s worked on a wide range of large-scale projects over the years, eagerly setting stretch goals for herself and her team. And while she’s touched a number of notable projects, her most celebrated contributions came on the College of Engineering Research Building at Virginia Commonwealth University. The four-year project—completed during the first year of the pandemic—showcased Ashley’s innate ability to connect with people, build consensus, and create a culture of support for everyone around her.

Promoted to Associate five years ago, Ashley’s impeccable record-keeping and organizational skills have been foundational to her success. But it’s her collaboration-focused approach that sets her apart project after project. Positive communication is at the heart of Ashley’s leadership methodology, guiding consultants, clients, and her team in clear and concise ways, and always with a dash of humor. An accomplished athlete known for her infectious enthusiasm for client goals, Ashley is a true champion in every sense of the word.

Larry Cotner is a tech-savvy architect and studio director focused in Hospitality. Based in Cincinnati, Larry joined Baskervill with more than 20 years of experience and today leads a dynamic multi-location team focused on complex renovations throughout the United States. Described by his colleagues as “always calm in the storm” and a people-person at heart, Larry strives to be both a trusted client partner and an unwavering mentor for not just his team but developing talent firm-wide. His reputation as a hospitality renovation expert precedes him, and he’s a sought-after sounding board providing patient guidance and feedback on everything from technical details to client quandaries. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

For Yvonne Cox, the word ‘excel’ is an apt modifier. As a construction project administrator based in the firm’s Richmond office, Yvonne oversees project administration for complex construction projects and leads project data integration firm-wide. Excel is both the medium and the descriptor. A guru with Baskervill’s project information management software, she thoroughly enjoys administering the system and coaching staff to help them to learn its functions and workflows and serving as an active member of the firm’s Standards and Process Committee. Her unrivaled organizational flair makes her a resource for employees across all disciplines and segments of the firm—streamlining and templating complicated systems to make workflows as seamless and accessible as possible.

Across the pond, Marcin Garbacz heads up Baskervill’s European team as Managing Director of our rapidly growing Gdańsk, Poland office. Previously an architect in the firm’s Richmond office, Marcin has shown an incredible acumen for talent recruitment and development since returning to his home country to helm the firm’s European expansion. Today Marcin leads a team of 15, balancing technical mentorship with business development, team building, and overall operations. He was recognized early in his career with an AIA Richmond Alice Lehman Sunday Prize Merit Award in Technology and Presentation Drawing, receiving honorable mentions in the same category two additional times, and holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Scott Lebow is a licensed professional electrical engineer based in Baskervill’s Richmond office. As a member of Baskervill’s multidisciplinary engineering team, Scott lends his problem-solving prowess to a diverse array of projects firm wide and thrives in a collaborative environment where engineers and architects work closely together. Committed to delivering both quality documents and experience, Scott never hesitates to support colleagues in building their technical acumen and is a trusted resource for more junior team members on the team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia and earned a Certificate in Business Fundamentals from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce.

Thomas Mazich is a sharp-witted and thoughtful project designer in Baskervill’s Workplace and Education studios. A master of Quality Control, Thomas is always at the top of his game managing the myriad databases that go hand-in-hand with complex projects. While he’s known for holding himself to a high standard, he’s a compassionate and encouraging mentor and teammate, and an active participant in firm activities, be it yoga, volunteering, or attending educational seminars. A fierce advocate for the environment and a passionate LEED Accredited Professional, Thomas is an active member of the firm’s Sustainability Committee and leads the firm’s annual Pipeline Trail Cleanup as a Clean Virginia Waterways Site Captain. Recruited to Baskervill at a college career fair, Thomas is based in the firm’s Richmond office and has been with the firm since receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech.

Michael McGowan is often described as a collaborator, innovator, and creator. An architect and studio director on Baskervill’s award-winning Hospitality team, he leans into all three in his days overseeing complex new build hotel and resort projects throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Known for his ability and willingness to confidently jump into any challenge—no matter the project type, schedule, or task—Michael embodies collaborative positivity day in and day out. His dedication to quality and meeting challenges head-on mean he’s a sought-after mentor for more junior architectural staff and a welcome face on any team. The most rewarding part for Michael? Seeing a finished project and knowing his diligent efforts contributed to its design. Based in the firm’s Orlando office, Michael holds both a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Florida.

Rebecca Roberts is more than an architect and project leader; she’s a problem solver who loves nothing more than watching designs come to life and takes great pride in her work overseeing large interior architecture projects for Workplace portfolio clients from her post in Baskervill’s Orlando office. As one of the firm’s first Florida-based employees, Rebecca has been central to the team’s growth and is passionate about uplifting the team alongside her accomplishments. She’s known as a deeply reliable team leader, willing to go above and beyond, often researching unique project solutions that may have been otherwise overlooked. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Florida and a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver.

If you asked Ashley Seay about her favorite part of her job, she’d answer ‘the people’—and her dedication to the team and the clients is mutual. Beloved for her unparalleled communication, organizational, and coordination skills, Ashley oversees some of the firm’s most unique and complex hotel and resort projects from project initiation through construction as a Hospitality Project Manager. With diverse experience and a unique skill set, she possesses an incredible ability to foresee potential project, staffing, and contractual impediments and head them off before they manifest—making her a steady and dependable asset to the high-caliber studios she supports. Based in the firm’s Richmond office, she’s an active member of the firm’s Standards & Process Committee and holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Radford University.

Robbie Shearon is a certified plumbing designer and LEED Accredited Professional based in the firm’s Richmond office. With over two decades of experience in the design of plumbing systems for everything from office parks to breweries, Robbie brings deep expertise to his role as a member of Baskervill’s multidisciplinary engineering team. Passionate about all things plumbing, Robbie finds joy in seeing a design turn into a working system of which he and his team could be proud. His extensive knowledge and commitment to a collaborative process make him a sought-after partner on projects firmwide. He is a member of the Richmond Chapter of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and a graduate of Reynolds Community College.

Congratulations, all! We’re so delighted you’re on our team!


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