5% Ask

We believe in being good citizens, committed to investing our time, talent, and resources to organizations and entities we believe in. In 2020 we launched the 5% Ask, formalizing a framework around our initiatives, and asking ourselves how we can better support not only our clients, but our local communities, neighbors, and broader world. As part of the 5% Ask we encourage staff to use up to 5% of their annual hours for work with non-profit, community-based, civic, and volunteer organizations of their choosing – a total of over 100 hours per employee per year.


What’s more, the 5% Ask includes contributing up to 5% of Baskervill’s annual profits to organizations in our communities that directly impact children, education, and health and wellness initiatives through meaningful and inclusive programs. Encompassing seven distinct areas focused on equity and engagement – including mentorship, anti-bias hiring practices, and partnerships – the 5% Ask embodies the true nature of our firm’s deep-rooted methodology: Ask where we can contribute; Listen to our communities’ needs; and Create change.


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