Augusta HOPE Clinic

Augusta Hope Clinic - Fishersville, VA Augusta Hope Clinic - Fishersville, VA
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Baskervill provided interior architecture and design for this renovation at UVA Medical Park Augusta. 

The Augusta HOPE Clinic is a 12,689 square foot hematology and oncology clinic providing infusion services to patients on an outpatient level. Located on the third floor of the Augusta Professional Park building, this space is an infill of a former shell space. The scope includes four private infusion rooms, 20 semi-private infusion stations arranged in clusters of two or four, nine exam rooms, and one procedure room, as well as five doctor's offices and two administrative offices. A combined pharmacy with retail section, and ISO 7 clean room chemo mixing station support patient care. The space also includes an education room with a patient-accessible resource library, and telephone triage area.

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