VCU Baird Institute

VCU Baird Institute - Richmond, VA VCU Baird Institute - Richmond, VA
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The Baird Institute for Vascular Imaging and Intervention is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease.

Part of the VCU Health System, this 5,200-square-foot, two-story outpatient clinic is the newest addition to VCU's suite of specialty clinics. The building — named for the late Charles L. Baird, Jr. M.D., founder and director of the Virginia Heart Institute — is the Institute's original home, and required substantial renovation to bring it up to current codes and ADA compliance. The renovation modified the existing space, including procedure rooms and the waiting area, for its new use.  A joint effort between the departments of interventional radiology and vascular surgery, the space includes two class B operating rooms, prep and recovery space, exam and imaging rooms, and patient toilet and waiting areas. The building's second floor is dedicated to staff and community space, a reading room, and The Baird Community Room to be used for community and educational programs.


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