New Horizons Healthcare

New Horizons Healthcare - Roanoke, VA New Horizons Healthcare - Roanoke, VA
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Baskervill teamed with contractor Howard Shockey & Sons to design and construct a new facility for New Horizons Healthcare.

VCU Health System's Stony Point Medical Office Building required an addition to serve as the location for their new outpatient oncology center and chose Baskervill to provide the design. Baskervill understood that, in addition to visually blending the new construction with the existing building, a key design objective was to create an environment that would reduce patient stress, provide privacy, and be easily accessible. The addition was built to tie into the original structure, creating a single structure.

Throughout the 25,000-square-foot addition, windows provide beautiful lake views and skylights centered over the nurses' station, which allow for ample sunlight. Additionally, a private radiation therapy waiting area serves the linear accelerator where patients can enjoy bright windows with peaceful, wooded views. Using colors, layouts and architectural elements to create harmony, the new oncology addition achieves its design goals with a peaceful setting that reduces patient stress.


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